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Miriam Bloom has a remarkable gift: she is a first-rate scientist and a first-rate editor, and that is a rare combination. She understands what a paper should say and she knows how to make it say it. I learned editorial skills from Dr. Bloom, and I recommend her all the time to authors in need of editorial services.

David DeMarini
Editor, Mutation Research (Reviews Section)

Both as an author and an editor, Miriam Bloom is superb. Her writing is lucid, graceful, and always engaging.

Dudley Herschbach
(Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1986)
Harvard University

Dr. Bloom’s scientific acumen and passion for clear writing provide her with keen insight into what needs to be revised and what can be left alone. She wields her editorial skills with finesse and respect, and is a joy to work with.

Jeff Radcliff
Quest Diagnostics, Nichols Institute
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Dr. Bloom played a key part in JNCI’s effort to develop its current high standards of editorial quality.

Julie Chappell
Former Managing Editor, Journal of the Nat’l Cancer Inst.

Dr. Bloom is a text surgeon. She adroitly wields her editorial scalpel to excise anything extraneous, distracting, or awkward from written scientific discourse. Even text that has already been edited benefits from her attention.

Claudette Upton
Former Managing Editor, British Columbia Medical Journal

As Vice-Chairman and Chief of Research at the Radiation Effects Research Foundation (Hiroshima, Japan), I sent papers by some of my Japanese colleagues to SciWrite. As a Ph.D. scientist, Miriam Bloom not only edited those papers for proper grammatical English, but also for organization and scientific clarity. A superb job that warrants my highest recommendation.

Sheldon Wolff

Asia [Go to North American references]

Thank you very much for your excellent editing. Thanks to your help, we have succeeded in publishing our manuscripts in international journals, including the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Cancer, and the British Journal of Cancer. I always appreciate your kindness.

Young Ho Yun
National Cancer Center

Every time I submit a paper to a journal, I ask Dr. Bloom to edit it “as usual.” I expect an attentive editing by saying “as usual,” and that is always the case. But now I am thinking that I asked for help too easily without thinking for myself. I will try carefully to learn from her editing on the next occasion.

Atsuko Matsuoka
Division of Medical Devices
National Institute of Health Sciences

I appreciate your wonderful editing. I can’t have success without your editing my manuscripts. Not only the editing, but your comments and help bring success to my scientific papers.

Hideshi Itoh
Okayama University, Japan

I always send our manuscripts to SciWrite before submitting to English journals because Dr. Miriam Bloom understands what I want to express. I greatly appreciate her quick and wonderful editing.

Reiko Murakami
Center for Gene Research
Nagoya University, Japan

What I found great in Dr. Bloom’s editing is that the returned manuscript was so smooth that I couldn’t even recognize where she touched. But, in fact, she edited almost all sentences.

Institute of Low Temperature Science
Hokkaido University
Sapporo, Japan

Before I submit manuscripts for peer review publication, I always send them to SciWrite. Thank you very much for excellent editing, which has been proven by successful acceptance at all times.

Michiko Yamada
Radiation Effects Research Foundation
Hiroshima, Japan

Thank you for editing my manuscripts and for writing the abstracts. The style is very attractive and catches the attention of my colleagues.

Yutaka Kikuchi
Division of Microbiology
National Institute of Health Sciences

Dr. M. Bloom’s reviewing is very suitable for my manuscript content. I’m very grateful for her advice.

Hiroshi Suzuki
Ina Research Inc.
Nagano, Japan

When I write, I let Dr. Miriam Bloom understand what I want to express, then she makes a perfect, reliable, beautiful, and understandable-to-everyone paper. I add new meaning to the word “bloom” as follows: bloom vt: to edit scientific documents that were made in poor or strange (Japanese) English.

Makoto Hayashi
Division of Genetics & Mutagenesis
National Institute for Health Sciences

My team and I have been researching the etiology of Gilbert’s syndrome. This is a highly specialized area which requires a high level of training and knowledge to be conversant in the subject. Miriam Bloom has such capability, and she has always delivered accurate, well-edited checks of the articles we have submitted to her. Moreover, we find her business manner considerate and thoroughly professional. I would not hesitate to recommend her work and SciWrite to anyone writing medical or scientific articles for international journals.

Hiroshi Sato
Shiga University of Medical Science
Otsu, Japan

I always send our manuscripts to SciWrite before submitting to English journals because our manuscripts get edited by an experienced scientist.

Shougo Asanami
Naruto Research Institute
Tokushima, Japan


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